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Loans to Trusts and Estates – Lending to an Irrevocable Trust for a California Parent to Child Property Tax Transfer

Loans to an Irrevocable Trust or Estate for Beneficiary Cash Distribution & Equalization

When attempting to avoid reassessment on an inherited property and transferring a ¬† parents’ low property tax base to a child (heir) on an inherited home; a loan to a trust or estate is often needed to qualify for California Proposition 19 or Proposition 58.

It can be difficult to find a lender who is willing to lend in accordance with Prop 19 as the Board of Equalization requires a third party loan be made directly to the trust as opposed to a beneficiary. Most lenders will not lend to an irrevocable trust and a specialty Trust & Estate lender will likely be your only choice.

For assistance with a loan to a trust or an estate to meet the California Proposition 19 and Proposition 58 requirements, we suggest you contact Commercial Loan Corporation at 877-756-4454 for a Free Property Tax and Trust Loan Consultation. The firm will assist you with any questions you may have on loans to irrevocable trusts, trust distribution loans, Proposition 19 Parent to Child Transfers and keeping a parents low Proposition 13 property tax base on an inherited home.

If a loan to a trust or estate is right for you, Commercial Loan Corp will also provide you with a free proposition 19 benefit analysis which will estimate how much you will be able to save. Their trust and estate team will work directly with your attorney, your accountant or a California property tax consultant to help insure that you receive your maximum Prop 19 tax-saving benefits and avoid reassessment on an inherited home.

For additional information on California Proposition 19 and avoiding reassessment on an inherited home, please complete this form. A Trust and Estate Specialist will provide you with the information you need to help you make an informed decision on what is best for you, a family member, beneficiary of a trust or estate, or client.

Proposition 19 & Proposition 58 Information Request Form

Additional information on avoiding property tax reassessment on an inherited home is available on Commercial Loan Corporations website. For immediate assistance with a California Proposition 19 issue or for help with a loan to an Irrevocable Trust, you can reach them at 877-756-4454. Commercial Loan Corporations works with hundreds of Trust and Estate Attorneys  across California and on average successfully saves clients over $6,200 every year in property tax savings by avoiding property tax reassessment on an inherited home.