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Typically, CA heirs avoid property tax reassessment when they are inheriting  a house and/or land from their parents as a portion, or all, of the shares they are receiving in trust, or in an estate; often   going through probate.

California heirs avoid property tax reassessment generally by moving rapidly through these processes without unnecessary delays; taking full advantage of California Proposition 19 and Proposition 58 in particular. It is important to meet financing requirements for equal distribution and adhere to all California Board of Equalization requirement to receive your   Proposition 19, and Proposition 58 tax relief benefits.

Beneficiaries will often apply for a 3rd party loan with an inexpensive trust lender in California that provides affordable loans to trusts, such as estate & trust loans furnished by an established company like Commercial Loan Corporation; one of the only trust lenders in California that will lend directly to both a probate estate and an irrevocable trust.

This firm specializes in providing the type of loan required to take full advantage of  the Proposition 58 and Proposition 19 property tax benefit, and “reassessment exclusion” as it is referred to by estate & trust loan specialists; typically closing these loans within 7 to 10 days and saving clients on average $6,550 or more every year in property taxes. This amount of money saved in property taxes  may not sound like an enormous sum to folks in the upper tax brackets – but to middle class home owners it can make all the difference in the world.

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