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Thank you for your interest.  We welcome you to our family, the  Property Tax Transfer & Trust family – consisting of California home owners and renters, business property and industrial facility owners; property tax consultants; and Proposition 13, 58 & 193 specialists. CA wholeheartedly favors affordable property tax transfer and other critical property tax relief measures, supporting plans to maintain all property tax breaks, and if any tax breaks are removed by opponents – they are committed to  fight hard to get them back.  And we surely hope you are committed as well.

We all believe in protecting our right to low cost property tax transfer associated with inherited, gifted or sold real estate (from parent to child transfer of property and grandparent to grandchild transfer of property taxes); and parent to child  exclusion (from present-day property and tax re-evaluation) – at the core of it all, avoiding property tax reassessment… and our inalienable right to avoid property tax reassessment!  

As Jon Coupal, CEO of the Taxpayers Association, said to us recently, “Opponents to the property tax shelter protections we enjoy here in California really just simply want to have access to more cash from tax payers in California. To tell you the truth… the government has enough money.  They really don’t need more tax revenue from home owners!” 

The Taxpayers Association knows what they’re talking about. And so do we. Many of us were on the front lines, when it  took a fair amount of courage, prior to 1978, to hang in there to fight the good fight!  Avoiding property tax reassessment was a goal that many of us had, and Howard Jarvis bravely led the way for all Californians… And now, thanks to the hard work of many people,  that dream is still a reality,  and has been for 42 years!

Most of CA favors affordable property tax transfer, when inheriting property taxes; in particular California Proposition 58 parent to child transfer of property tax rate.  We assume you do too.  Let us know what you think!  We welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions.  Please send a message using the following form…


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