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Trust Loans

Trust Loans

Trust Loans and Proposition 19 In California

A trust loan in California is an inheritance loan typically planned  and implemented by a licensed trust & estate lender, or a private money lender.

Conventional lenders like banks and credit unions won’t extend a complex lending instrument (like a trust loan working with Prop 19) to borrowers, who are generally beneficiaries to a family trust, whose names never appear on the property title, making the loan even more complicated to the likes of banks and credit unions in the state of California.

a)  For one, the trust that a loan is issued to should be an irrevocable trust…

b)  An irrevocable trust has to permit the trust’s beneficiary, or beneficiaries, or trustee – to accept a loan associated with property and in fact be owned by the trust as collateral.

c)  Secondly, the trust should also allow beneficiaries selling out their inherited property to accept the trust money as buyout funds…

d)  Thirdly, the trust must position the trustee to function mainly for the benefit of the beneficiaries…

e)  Moreover, with the authority to borrow against the trust as security for the loan.

f)  A California beneficiary property buyout is generally executed within seven to ten days, with a trust loan working with Proposition 19. That being said, a trust loan and trust lender will work around the needs of the trust, executor, trust administrator or attorney.

g)  Once beneficiaries selling off their inherited property shares have received their trust loan funds, the title of the property can be transferred to the beneficiary buying the property from the iron-clad irrevocable trust.

h)  Finally, the property-owning beneficiary having bought out his or her co-beneficiaries, can now get approved for a conventional  loan to refinance an irrevocable trust loan.

An Irrevocable Trust Loan Beneficiary Buyout

In California, trust loans are generally used to implement a beneficiary property buyout, to equalize buyout cash for each and every beneficiary selling their inherited property shares – working in conjunction with Proposition 19 to insure the beneficiary buying out co-beneficiaries get to minimize property tax reassessment, keeping a low property tax base when inheriting a home; since a trust loan is viewed as a third-party loan; and can pay for all the expenses of the trust, the trustee’s fees, and even pay for the trust estate’s attorney fees.

Why Borrow With An Irrevocable Family Trust Loan

An irrevocable family trust loan makes it possible for a trustee to get a mortgage secured by real property held by a family trust.

Borrowing money from a family trust like this lets a trustee or beneficiary equalize funds among beneficiaries selling-out their inherited property… while implementing a simple property buyout typically of sibling beneficiary property shares – dividing ownership in the inherited property; and receiving enough funds to resolve most family trust obligations. Californians, by now, are very aware of new CA property tax relief transferring low property tax values.

A family trust loan is made directly to the trust. Usually, the trustee or one of the beneficiaries is responsible for paying off the trust loan, and making sure the family trust mortgage is paid off as well.

If you are in need of a trust loan or loan to an irrevocable trust, contact Commercial Loan Corporation at (877)464-1066. They can provide you with a free benefit assessment and will be able to let you know how much you may be able to save in property taxes by utilizing a trust loan to buyout siblings and keep a parents low property tax base on an inherited home.