PART TWO: 100% Secure Trust Loan Distribution Equalizing Solution

Lender for Irrevocable Trusts

Lending to Irrevocable Trusts in California

Improving Your Family’s Security With Low Property Taxes

When families in California are going through an estate and/or probate scenario, are inheriting property, and are unfortunately  experiencing conflicts between beneficiaries who wish to retain their inherited property, and siblings who want to sell their property shares – frequently, a loan to an irrevocable trust, and a trust lender you can depend on to be reliable and affordable is the answer.

Many property owners can also be qualified to apply and keep a significantly lower tax rate to a secondary dwelling as well, if over 55 and retaining the initial inherited property for 2 years or longer.

Steps, rules & regs for the trust loan process – in conjunction with California Proposition 58 – are typically as follows:

1. Determination of who will keep the property
2. Determination of the loan amount
3. Loan to trust/estate is implemented
4. Trust lender equalizes cash distribution to beneficiary or beneficiaries
5. Property is transferred into the acquiring beneficiaries name
6. Parent child exclusion is filed, avoiding property tax reassessment
7. Five to seven day funding turnaround
8. The trust loan is repaid, concluding a win-win family arrangement
9. No Up-Front Costs
10. No Hidden Fees

An Alternative Financial Solution for Beneficiaries:

The Miller family in Southern California urgently needed a $320,000  trust loan to equalize distribution involving an inherited house valued at $615,000. They were very concerned about tax savings as well as keeping the home they have been living in for the past 10 years. Their family attorney referred the Millers, totaling four siblings, to the Newport Beach trust lender Commercial Loan Corporation.

Their inherited home was valued at $615,000, and the two beneficiaries who were interested in selling the property to an outside buyer were to be bought out to the tune of $205,000 each with the cash from a trust loan, instead of selling to a buyer, with the other two siblings losing the beloved home the family was attached to for sentimental reasons.

If the property was to be sold to a third party buyer and their property taxes reassessed normally, their estimated property taxes at current value (1.1%) would have been $6,765. If the one beneficiary was bought out by the trust loan, allowing the other three siblings to retain the home, estimated taxes were to be $4,164. An estimated property tax savings of $2,601 per year. Looking at this realistically, their income before income tax would be somewhat higher than that figure, to come up with $4,164 in cash every year to pay off those property taxes. It would have been a significant sum for a normal middle class family.

The situation was apparently very difficult in terms of getting everyone on the same page, agreeing to all the numbers. Sibling squabbling had gotten heated over the months they had spent dealing with house issues, and the in-fighting became so
intense that both beneficiaries looking to sell out actually hired separate attorneys to represent their interests. It got to the point where the family spent more time arguing on a daily basis, than doing anything else.

According to an account rep who is particularly experienced with loans to irrevocable trusts, Miss Alonso, the family arguments began to dominate all of their time together. It seemed impossible for them to agree on anything. There was also conflict between the two beneficiaries looking to keep the property. Both agreed to the process of transferring property and buying out beneficiary shares, however disagreed on what values to use. Each thought the other was attempting to trick or fool the other.

It began to look unworkable. Some of the siblings even threatened to take the matter to court of there could be no agreement on the numbers involved.

Yet, in the final analysis, the one issue that prompted the call to a trust lender that furnishes loans to irrevocable trusts, Commercial Loan Corp, and bound a thread between them all was their genuine desire to continue living in the home they had resided in prior to their parents’ passing away. In the end, this particular desire to stay on in the house was even more important to this family than the numbers and interest in saving on property taxes!

It took some time to finally normalize the situation and get all these family members on board with numbers they could all agree upon. However, the account rep, Miss Alonso, was able to eventually get everyone to the table, and to agree on the final numbers.

Everyone ended up happy with the deal, and with their tax savings looking ahead towards their projected property tax realities. Bottom line, it would have cost $36,900 to go through with a sale of the property in question. And only cost $11,919 if the family decided to simply retain the property as is.

Additionally, the trust received an extra $24, 981 in cash by keeping the property, and agreeing not to sell. All the way around, their decision to enlist the help of a firm experienced with loans to irrevocable trusts, and to keep the home of their beloved parents for sentimental reasons, ended up, ironically, being a far more sensible decision for the entire family group financially.

To reach Commercial Loan Corporation regarding assistance with a loan to an irrevocable trust, call 877-464-1066.