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California Property Tax Transfer

There are, as we all know, numerous reasons that California property owners support Proposition 13 and California Proposition 58.  Proposition 13, passed by voters on June 6, 1978 protects individual consumer and corporate owners of residential and commercial real property from current property tax reassessment, with the exception of completion of new property construction and/or a change in property ownership.  Proposition 58  was approved as a California constitutional amendment by voters on November 6, 1986 – to exclude transfers of real property between parents and children from property tax reassessment.  Moreover, CA trust loans keep parents property taxes low, insuring that an even distribution can be made.

Generally, this gives adult offspring the ability to keep parents property taxes – in other words, to retain a parent’s lower Proposition 13 protected property tax rate. This frequently results in families saving literally thousands of dollars every calendar year. Moreover, these activities open up opportunities for  companies like the Commercial Loan Corporation to help  California beneficiaries and heirs who are middle class, not particularly wealthy, to qualify for Proposition 58 property tax benefits, by providing bridge loans to trusts and probate estates in order for an even distribution to be made for these heirs and beneficiaries. This is precisely how trust loans keep parents property taxes low in California.

Since 1978, Proposition 13 has saved California taxpayers over $528 billion – which has saved every taxpayer in California more than $60,000.  The 1978 Proposition 13 tax shelter finally provided residential and commercial property owners in California with tax relief that has proven, year after year and decade after decade, to be reliable, predictable and secure.

California home owners and renters all enthusiastically support Proposition 13, being able to reliably avoid  property tax reassessment at current tax levels; as well as Proposition 58, with respect to parent to child transfer of property, and parent to child exclusion from property reassessment…  and Proposition 193, involving grandparent to grandchild property transfers, when inheriting property taxes – which has collectively enabled families to comfortably transfer real property from parent to child, and keep parents property taxes, without being reassessed with constant  property tax increases.

Renters in California support Proposition 13, due to the fact that most residential and business renters are aware that as long as their landlord’s property taxes remain low, their rent is likely  not to go up.  Whereas if landlords’ taxes in California go up – we can predict with mathematical certainly that business  rents will follow.  Landlords will more or less have no choice but to increase their tenants’ rents.

Naturally, this would affect stores, gas stations, offices, industrial facilities, and so on – and that would ultimately affect the cost of food, of business goods and services; of gas;  so forth and so on.  Everything would go up.  And consumers would be hit hard.   Which is basically why renters in California support Prop 13, even if they’re not property owners themselves. In fact — why mostly everyone in California with a sense of community and fairness wholeheartedly supports California Proposition 13, 58 and 193.