Lowering or Pausing CA Property Taxes to Combat Effects of the Pandemic

Removing certain taxes is something the CA Legislature can control to lessen the current financial strain on middle class  Californians. Income taxes and sales tax pose greater political obstacles at the revision stage, and payroll taxes fund Medicare and Social … Continue reading

California Proposition 58 & Proposition 19 Lenders

We all know it’s a period of time right now in America of great uncertainty, insecurity and stress… affecting many families, creating enormous tensions, frequently financial…  Even affecting family estates, when a parent passes away; and where ‘will contests’ can … Continue reading

Why Californians Need Proposition 58 and Enhanced Property Tax Breaks

As we all know, Proposition 58 has been tampered with, in the form of Proposition 19; finally giving the CA Legislature the opportunity they have been waiting for, for decades, to water down property tax relief in California.  However, despite … Continue reading

Why Does the CA Legislature Want to Remove Tax Breaks for Residential & Business Property Owners?

Proposition 19 Will Cripple Middle Class Homeowners Financially.  If Prop 15 Ever Passes, Removal of Tax Relief From Business Property Owners Will Decimate the CA Economy by Increasing Cost of Goods & Services Statewide    It’s no surprise to anyone … Continue reading

A New Threat Arises ~ Critics of Property Tax Relief Look to Unravel CA Proposition 58 with (2020) Prop 19

A Threat to Proposition 58, Parent to Child Exclusion, Arises If they were keeping both eyes open, most property owners in California were looking, tentatively, for signs on the horizon of any new threat to the popular property tax break … Continue reading

Inheriting a Home in California & Trust Loan Property Tax Savings in 2021

2021 Property Tax Relief & Using an Irrevocable Trust Loan for Homeowners and Beneficiaries Inheriting Property in California As many Californians that are seeking lower property taxes know by now, current property tax relief measures open up new opportunities for … Continue reading